Irrigation Tampa, FLRegardless of whether you are have a commercial or residential property, that is spread out or compact in size, you want to ensure that all the plants, trees and shrubs on your property are healthy and green right through the year. The one way to ensure this is to get a custom designed irrigation system installed. We at Sunshine Landscape and Hardscape are the landscaping experts that property owners across Mt Dora, Land of Lakes, Sanford, Tampa and Ocala trust, to get their landscaping designed and installed.

In most instances, irrigation installation is part of a broader landscaping project and the irrigation systems are one of the first things that get installed in the outdoor spaces. We have successfully completed a large number of projects in and around Orlando, Eustis, Windermere, Apopka and Villages too. In fact, some of these customers hire our expert services for garden hose installation upgrades on their existing landscaping. The different types of irrigation systems we install are:

  • Automatic with rain sensor- When you have sprinklers on your property, you don’t want to switch them on and off at specific times of the day. We install automatic sprinkler systems with rain sensor. As the name suggests, they are automatic and have timers. All you have to do is set the timing and forget about them. The sprinklers will come on at the same time every day and for a stipulated period of time. This ensures your lawns and other planting’s watering needs are regularly met.
  • Remote control operated irrigation systems- If you choose not to get automatic systems installed, you can opt for remote control-operated systems. Some of the best quality systems available in the market today have a long transmission range (upto 2 miles via remote) and have easy-to-use buttons and large LCD displays. It’s a convenient way to switch on and switch off the irrigation system and is particularly useful for spread-out properties.
  • Drip and spray- These are an ideal option for larger landscapes and an excellent way to prevent water wastage without compromising on the watering needs of the softscaping on your property. Flexible tubes affixed with emitters are installed in various areas of the landscaping and the plants and flower beds get gradually watered, directly at their roots. The water sprays and sprinklers help keep the leaves fresh and green even in the hotter summer months.


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We understand that every property is different and that is exactly why we provide tailor-made sprinkler installation and drip irrigation system installation services to our customers. Our expert’s first survey all the areas that need watering and check what kind of plantings will be/are installed there. The grading on the land, soil and climatic conditions will be taken into account and the irrigation systems will then be designed accordingly.

We use the best automatic irrigation systems and other materials in our work and ensure the job is completed in a timely manner. For more information about our irrigation installation services, call Sunshine Landscape and Hardscape at 727-838-8000. You can also connect with us via this online form.
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