From residential to large scale commercial, our customers speak for us:

We had a multi phase apartment building with a very sophisticated irrigation system.  Their team not only performed but redesigned the pump station and well that saved us $20,000.  They think outside the box when it comes to value engineering which makes a difference when you are trying to trim a budget but still maintain a quality product…..

General Contractor


I have used Sunshine on numerous occasions for my commercial developments as well as my personal residence from landscaping, irrigation, sod, brick pavers, and retaining walls.  I have known the principals for several years and can always expect any problem to get solved which is a satisfying feeling to have with a subcontractor….

Builder, Developer and Homeowner


We had a driveway and a pool deck installed with brick pavers.  It is always kind of scary when dealing with construction workers around a personal residence but there team was very professional and worked around our hours and schedule which was very accommodating…



We were in a bind on a large commercial multi family development and we had failed to include the drainage within the scope of any our subcontractors.  So as a stab in the dark I reached out to our landscape contractor and they saved the day.  They adjusted there work force with this change in direction, got it installed just in time before the decking started plus they provided the channel drain all under my original budget……

Builder, Developer and Property Management


There are times our internal quality control procedures relative to submittals, pay applications, contract and release documents can become quite a strain on some of our subcontractors.  Not the case here, their estimating and project management systems are top of the line.  All electronic formats for submittals, shop drawings, take offs, pay applications, this makes the contract administration go a lot smoother…..

Builder and Developer


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